• Three HEF scholarship (higher education) each year since 2017 totaling $12,000.
  • Presented over 20 music awards.
  • Three MCCC scholarships each year totaling $63,000


  • Art Grants totaling over $27,000.
  • Provided more than 200 grants to HTPS teachers totaling over $170,000.


  • HEF has provided scholarships over the past 25 years in the amount of $75,000


  • Sponsorship donation for 2020 Graduation totaling $6,000.
  • Sponsored Three Doctors Event promoted in district and invited local community.
  • Sponsored New Teachers’ Orientation breakfast


  • Purchased computers, laptops and chrome books for classrooms totaling over $100,000.
  • Purchased Weather Station located at Reynolds MS.
  • Purchased 3D Printer.
  • Purchased digital cameras for all 24 schools in the district.
  • Purchased multimedia projectors for each of the 17 elementary schools.
  • Purchased Smartboards for…..
  • Purchased an automatic Parent Notification Telephone System for use by all middle schools and high schools totaling over $19,000, benefitting 6,000 to 7,000 families.

Other Miscellaneous Accomplishments

  • Paid for transportation for 47 underprivileged high school students to attend Let’s Get Ready, an SAT college admissions preparatory program!
  • Paid for transportation for 21 high school students to attend an event at Princeton University that had presenters lecture on Foreign Policy, National Security and the Polarization of American Politics.
  • Assisted in the Internet wiring of every elementary classroom as well as libraries and Principals Offices in all other buildings in the Hamilton Twp. Public School District.  This collaborative effort saved taxpayers over one million dollars.
  • STAR (Staff, Teachers, Appreciation & Recognition) Program – a tribute program allowing parents and community members to honor someone in the school district. We now offer…A.P.P.L.E. recognition awards (All Positive People Lead to Excellence) to continue to honor those who lead and now include honoring those who support remote learning at home.
  • HEF Legacy Endowment of over $100,000 dollars
  • Proud support from Hamilton Township Teachers and Administration who participate in our payroll deduction program, which contributes approximately $10,000 a year back to the district to enhance the educational experience. 
  • …and with additional contributions to the HTSD our total support in 25 years has been over $420,000!

Please join us to accomplish our mission of improving public education in Hamilton Township.
We could not do what we do without you!

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