Using Acer Chromebooks to differentiate Instructions and Engage Students

Marie Dompierrie and Karen Gronikoswki

Hamilton High School West

The Acer Chromebooks connect to the internet within seconds and will engage the students instantly whether they are individually taking an online quiz or using the laptop with peers to search for data to help them find a solution to a group task.  Within the additional Acer Chromebooks in the classroom, the teacher can keep students easily engaged by creating interactive learning opportunities in the classroom.

iPad for Interdisciplinary Learning in Special Education

Clara Wolfer-Bigos and Colleen Thurber

Crockett Middle School

Multiple disabled students require a variety of individualized instruction due to their various levels of academic abilities.  They struggle with reading, writing and communicating and learn best by doing hands-on activities.  The iPad lessons are student centered, create an environment where students can manage and facilitate their own learning and create new applications that support the needs of students with learning difficulties.

Homework Helping Hands

Michelle Gigliotti, Dayna Kowalski, Cynthia Marks and Melany Maro

Greenwood Elementary

This program is designed to assist students and parents with understanding how to complete homework correctly, along with the common core instruction in grades K – 3.  Teachers and parents will work cooperatively two days per week from 3:45-4:30 assiting students with their homework.

The program will increase student achievement, student responsibility and independence.  It will also increase parent communication, knowledge and involvement in school activities.

Amazing Race

Karen Pouria and Janine Bates

Sunnybrae Elementary

The primary goal of this program is to increase parental involvement in an entertaining and educational venue.  Research indicates that when parents are involved in school, student achievement increases.

The second goal of the Amazing Race is to increase an appreciation and understanding of different cultures.  This program is adapted from the TV Show “Amazing Race” in which teams travel around the world competing tasks that are associated with the country they are visiting.  The tasks will be multi-disciplinary ranging fro physical education, to math, art, social studies and language arts.

What time is the next train or bus?

Erin Wolverton and Peggy Ottens

Hamilton High School – West

Many students do not obtain jobs or may take jobs due to a lack of transportation.  They do not consider public transportation a viable option.  This program will provide them with the needed skills to become independent citizens and work/travel without anxiety.  It will allow students to become independent and not rely on family or friends for transportation.

Integrating iPADS into the Basic Skills Mathematics Classroom

Andrea Krsnak and Abbie Dolci

Hamilton High School North

The basic skills class, designed for freshman, is meant to reinforce prerequisite skills as well as to elevate students to a ninth grade level of Algebra 1 readiness and achievement.  By engaging students through technology and real world applications of mathematics, we can begin to turn around students’ attitudes.  The use of iPads in a mathematics classroom promotes high student achievement by providing opportunities for differentiation, engaging students through technology integration and allowing for teacher analysis of data to individualize student’s learning.

Battle of the Books

Sherida Evans and Laura Palumbo

Greenwood Elementary School

This program will allow students to have opportunities to flourish in an academic and social setting with peers.  Students will have an opportunity to promote their reading skills in a safe nurturing environment.  The goal is to increase student performance in reading stamina cause and effect, main idea, inferences, predications, sequence, story elements and writing.

McGalliard Proud Tutoring

Ann Wilmot, McGalliard Elementary School

The goal of this proposal is to develop an after school peer tutoring program.  Peer tutoring provides an opportunity for a mutually beneficial relationship between the tutor and the pupil.  Those students who will serve as tutors will sharpen their leadership skills and feel a sense of accomplishment and pride in helping others succeed.  A certified teacher will provide learning activities and supervision.  The benefits of a peer tutoring program include higher academic achievement, improved relationships with peers, improved personal and social development and increased motivation.


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